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Cadrail Customer Reviews

Here are some comments recently posted on the Cadrail User Forum (click the link for the whole message):


"I have purchased a couple of different CAD programs over the years for personal use but Cadrail is the first one that I really liked right off the bat. ...the manual is well-written, the processes make sense, and the tool is more versatile than "just another railroad planning program". "

N. K. Cadrail User Group 9-1-09


"For the price it is hard to beat and it's pretty easy to use."

T. B. Cadrail User Group 9-1-09


"If it fits in Cadrail, it fits."

E. F. Cadrail User Group 9-1-09


"Cadrail been an indispensable tool that has made the enjoyment of high quality scale model railroading a reality for me."

R. S. Cadrail User Group 9-1-09


"Cadrail is really a versatile CAD program that undersells itself by tying itself so closely to model railroading. ... I have not yet found a project that I could not do on this program. "

Alan Cadrail User Group 9-2-09







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